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Understanding Our Products:

In today’s world, we are confronted with terms that try to trick us to buy something. For example “NO ADDED SUGAR” simply means that they used high naturally occurring sugars that are often higher in sugar and calories thiamin if they simply added sugar in the first place.  REDUCED FAT-- Again there is no legal definition of this. If a product has had fat removed it will often have something added, for example sugar and thickening agents. FRESH, PURE OR NATURAL Consumers should be wary because such marketing terms are not defined in law and, if used inappropriately, can confuse and mislead.

This same use of terms by paint companies are used to fool the masses into “junk science” and downright lies.  For example:

Polyurethane: Some companies say that their clears and paints are superior because it is a polyurethane, not just a urethane. “poly” means more than one, and “urethane” means A synthetic crystalline compound, CO(NH2)OC2H5. Therefore a “polyurethane” is a class of synthetic materials made by copolymerizing an isocyanate and a polyhydric resin. Simply put, any two part urethane IS A POLYURETHANE!

Now what you may not know there are three basic types of polyurethanes used in the paint business. They are: Click Here for more Information



"The only clear that can take a brutal beating day after day PERIOD!" Ideal for ALL into Extreme Sports. The MOST Durable clear we make! Formulated as well to be top-coated over all custom airbrush work. When you have thousands into custom airbrush designs, you need a clear that can protect that investment. Hockey Masks specifically come to mind here. CAN BE USED ON ALL OVERS, RESTO'S ETC Specially formulated and made for use on Hockey Masks, Race Car Helmets, Everything it the Snowboard world that needs clear for durability, Surf Boards, Skate boards, Everything in the BMX world that needs clear for durability, Dirt Bikes, Race Cars, Baja Trucks, everyone who participates in the X-Games, Paintball. ALSO perfect for Fishing Lures, Baits, Cranks AND Custom Painted Fishing Rods!


High Solids Euro Clear (Compare to Spies). PRO:  Very High gloss (97-98). Less than a 2% loss of gloss per year. Easily a 7-10 year “real life” coating.  Very Easy to buff. Can adjust dry times with 3 different temp hardeners (fast med slow).  Great Euro look.   CONS: (which is a plus for very experienced painters) VERY HIGH SOLIDS. Do it yourselfers often have problems with these High Solids clears
HC-2100 (EURO CLEAR):- Same product as above- 20% LOWER SOLIDS. All the pluses of 2104, without any cons.  Best selling clear we have.. This is also selling as our HC2100 2:1 Euro Clear

HC-2020 HC2021 HC2002 - Great clears ONLY for those used to applying PPG high solids clears!

HC4100 -  This is basically HC-2100, slightly higher solids at a 4:1 ratio.  Our second best selling clears. Easy to apply, very high gloss and gloss retention

ALL OF OUR CLEARS have the MAX of 2 UV's...!!!!!!!!!!We do not leave UV out of our less expensive clears…. Many companies DO!

More On Tamco Clears Here:

 Tamco makes the finest quality primers money can buy. Again, we use the best ingredients. Our DTM 2K urethane primers do not use industrial enamels as others do. We use 100% acrylic polyols (same as what we use in our clears). Our resins are DIRECT TO METAL resins. Read the instructions on other primers. They most likely want you to use metal preps BEFORE applying the primer. Why? It’s because they do not use the more expensive direct to metal resins. WE DO! Our HP5310, can be directly applied over sanded steel, galvanize, and even most aluminums -- try that with the others!

We also use both clay, and talc. Most modern primers to do blend the two powders. We do. This gives you are a little harder to sand primer initially - BUT WILL NOT DRAW SAND SCRATCHES in 90 days! Our primers have NO EQUAL in the market. (65% solids in the HC-5310). Our Primers DO NOT SHRINK!

Our HP5311 Black 2K acrylic primer is not only direct to metal BUT DIRECT TO RUST.

Click here for more on our primers....

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Tammy does sales and order processing.Her number 866-731-8883 is "1" Personal cell is 757-438-0420 feel free to call or text questions, tech help or orders. Cell and texting is the fastest and easiest with the amount of calls a day.

Sean Miller, is our head tech man. He also runs the paint plant. He has many years of painting experience, from production auto repairs to custom artwork. Sean has painted about every product on the market 100% self taught. His knowledge and expertise more than speaks for it's self. Between making the products, using the products, and helping people with tech questions, he can handle all aspects of automotive paint. He has a incredible wealth of knowledge on paint and honestly just anything regarding cars in general. He knows what paints do, and how to correct problems that can arise in any situation.

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30 Minute Clear HC9500 HI SPEED IMPACT CLEAR

30 Minute Clear HC9500 HI SPEED IMPACT CLEAR
Item# HC9500
Regular price: $299.95
Sale price: $220.00

Product Description

This is a 30 minute clear, you can literally cut and buff this clear in 35 minutes. This is revolutionary in this business. The speed of production will increase greatly with this clear. It does not lose its gloss. A lot of fast clears do, this is remarkable as it keeps a super wet look finish. Most people achieve a OFF THE GUN glass finish, with no need to cut and buff. But you can if desired.

This does everything HI IMPACT does, but way faster.


Mix Ratio: Component Volume HI-SPEED IMPACT 4 HH-7605 1

Viscosity: 18-20 seconds in #2 Zahn Cup Pot Life 3 hours at 70F Gun Setups: Conventional Siphon Feed: 1.5 mm – 1.7 mm (0.059” – 0.067”) Gravity Feed: 1.4 mm – 1.6 mm (0.055” – 0.063”) HVLP Siphon Feed: 1.6 mm – 1.7 mm (0.063” – 0.067”) Gravity Feed: 1.4 mm – 1.6 mm (0.050” – 0.063”) Air Pressures Conventional Siphon Feed: 25-35 psi at the gun Gravity Feed: 25-35 psi at the gun HVLP 6-8 psi at the gun Application:

Allow basecoat to dry 10-15 minutes – 30 minutes if applying multiple coats of pearl or if shop is below 70F. Apply 2-3 medium-wet coats of HI- SPEED IMPACT with 3-5 minutes MAX flash between coats. If they are smaller parts you can wait the 3-5 minutes. If this is like a bumper or a hood, you can do back to back coats, WITH NO FLASH. This is a very fast clear, that keeps its gloss without being prone to die back the next day.

Do not apply more clear UNTIL THE NEXT DAY!

This product "flows" and you will notice "orange-peel" level off by itself. Can be buffed for up to 7 days (at 70 degrees) We do not recommend baking this clear, It's very fast.

Flash/Dry Times (Air Dry): Flash Between Coats: NO FLASH TIME, recoat right away. The longest flash should be 3-5 minutes. Dust Free: 5 minutes Time to Assemble 1 hours Time to Polish 1 hours Time to Stripe 1 hours Time to Deliver 1 hours Time to Decal 8 hours Optimum Times: Air Dry: 30 minutes @ 70F; Sanding: Use 1500 grit or finer or use 1500 DA or finer Compounding: Use finishing compound. Apply a thin ribbon of material to the area to be polished. Use a double sided wool pad or a foam pad. Maintain air polisher or variable speed polisher at 1800- 3000 rpm. Remove excess finishing compound with a clean soft cloth prior to applying finishing polishing. Safety: Before using any Tamco products be sure to read all safety warnings and MSDS. Please read all directions carefully.For professional use only by trained painters. Not for sale or use by the general public. Technical Data & Physical Properties:

Color Clear Sprayable Viscosity 18-20 sec. #2Z Pot Life 1-2 hours Mix Ratio 4:1 Weight Solids 50% Volume Solids 45% Gloss Excellent Weight per Gallon 8.10 lbs Color Holdout Excellent Humidity Resistance Excellent Flash Point <25F Solvent Resistance Excellent Package VOC 3.25 lbs/galRepairability Excellent RTS VOC 3.50 lbs/gal Florida Exposure Excellent Chip Resistance Excellent