HP1001 Accelerator is a universal product that can be added to any urethane product that you want to "speed" up. If will not change the cure time, but it will accelerate the flash time. This is designed and ideal to use in time of extreme cold. It will force "flash" the products faster. Even though it does not force cure a product. It is helpful in allowing the product to cure in lower temperatures. This can be used in clear and primer to help when it's cold.
Use 1-2 ounces per 32 ounces. Only use in the cold, not designed for use in warm temperatures. Also realize that a downfall of using accelerator in clear, is possible "die back" aka loss of gloss. This is a trade off of sorts. You need to speed the process up when you can't control the temps in your shop, but you may lose some gloss. This die back that may occur, will 100% buff out.
Item# Description Qty. Price
HP1001Qt Quart HP-1001 Universal Accelerator $29.95 ADD TO CART
HP1001Pt Pint HP-1001 Universal Accelerator $19.95 ADD TO CART

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Pat Dry

| 01-25-2019, 23:21

Added to any Tamco clear and you've got rocket fuel results for cure times. More isn't better, right amount is all thats needed.

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