Brush FX is the ONLY pure acrylic urethane striping and lettering paint on the market. The paint is almost ready to use straight out of the can for most people. You may wish to pallet the brush with your choice of reducer to gain a consistency you desire. Brush FX gives you full artistic freedom over how to use it, pallet it, and control it.

If you want to clear over Brush FX, go right ahead. This is the ONLY striping paint on the market that can be cleared without worry of wrinkling or recoat sensitivity issues. No need for tack coats, longer flash times, and hoping and praying as you clear. Finally a worry free striping paint when it comes to clearing! If you do not wish to clear Brush FX, we have you covered there too. Simply pallet with 7603/7605/7607 hardener, and you now have a catalyzed, fully UV backed striping and lettering paint that will not fade or fail in the sun or elements. If you want a scientific mixing ratio, mix it 8:1 with our 76 series hardener. Adding hardener, will also help the way it flows, and most find reducer is not needed.

Another plus with Brush FX is dry times! Literally have a striping paint that is dry in anywhere from 5-10 minutes. You can stripe another color right over it, and it will not move or bleed on you. Try that with the enamels on the market.
Want coverage on your white? Its called 1 Coat white for a reason. No 2 coats here. Something Brush FX does offer, is pretty impressive coverage ability.

Tamco didnt create Brush FX to compete with the others. We created Brush FX, to be the only truly unique striping and lettering paint on the market today.

Currently available in 19 colors, and the ability to add more at any point. Want a custom Brush FX color for a project? We have the ability to do that too! All colors can be blended together to create your own custom blend as well.
Item# Description Qty. Price
1 Coat White 4 oz- 1 Coat White $16.95 ADD TO CART
Aqua Pull 4 oz- Aqua Pull $16.95 ADD TO CART
Brush Blue 4 oz- Brush Blue $16.95 ADD TO CART
Dagger Blue 4 oz- Dagger Blue $16.95 ADD TO CART
Deep Dowel Purple 4 oz- Deep Dowel Purple $16.95 ADD TO CART
Double Line Yellow 4 oz- Double Line Yellow $16.95 ADD TO CART
Double O Orange 4 oz- Double O Orange $16.95 ADD TO CART
Gold Stripe 4 oz- Gold Stripe $16.95 ADD TO CART
Green Streak 4 oz- Green Streak $16.95 ADD TO CART
Ivory Saber 4 oz- Ivory Saber $16.95 ADD TO CART
Lazer Red 4 oz- Lazer Red $16.95 ADD TO CART
Lime Line 4 oz- Lime Line $16.95 ADD TO CART
Outline Black 4 oz- Outline Black $16.95 ADD TO CART
Pallet Me Pink 4 oz- Pallet Me Pink $16.95 ADD TO CART
Squirell Brown 4 oz- Squirell Brown $16.95 ADD TO CART
Sword Silver 4 oz- 1 Sword Silver $16.95 ADD TO CART
Transparent Black 4 oz- Transparent Black $16.95 ADD TO CART
Wild Bills Blue 4 oz- Wild Bills Blue $16.95 ADD TO CART

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Jack Campbell

| 01-12-2019, 22:24

Best paint on the market! Smooth flow with excellent gloss and adhesion. Dries super fast so no worries about smearing or colors mixing when layering. Definitely my go to paint from here on out!

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