When a “Best of Show” finish is necessary, CSI 62-209 D1 Polish/Enhancer can be used to provide extra depth to any finish. It is specially formulated to eliminate micro fine scratches and swirls from fresh or cured finishes. D1 Polish/Enhancer can be applied by hand or power buffed with 62-312 X-Treme Finishing Pad – Red. For optimum results, always apply to a cool and clean surface. This polish was designed to produce a flawless finish to black painted surfaces and showroom quality cars. In applying CSI 62-209 D1 Polish/Enhancer use a glob of liquid about the size of a quarter. Its water-based formula goes a long way in polishing surfaces about 2 feet squared. D1 Polish is easy to use, easy to wipe off, and produces very low dust when cutting and finishing.
Item# Description Qty. Price
D1 Polish Enhancer 8oz Includes: 8 Ounces $12.00 ADD TO CART
D1 Polish Enhancer 1 Quar Includes: 1 Quart $30.00 ADD TO CART

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| 01-12-2019, 16:33

Perfect compliment when requiring the perfect finish. Use Ceram-X first, then finish off with D-1. Works well on micro scratches from detail / cleaner sprays.

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