Tamco's HR- Reducers, the best reducers money can buy Tamco's Reducers are AFFORDABLE, but quality is NOT LOST. We use ONLY urethane grade solvents. in all our products. Only big time companies do this - most generics DO NOT.
Our HR 1300 series reducers are made with the highest-grade solvents available. While we could buy in large batches to save money we choose to buy in smaller quantities. The reasoning behind this is that it allows better quality control. When large containers such as tanker trucks allow for higher profit margins it also allows the introduction of moisture. Moisture in reducers can have adverse effects on paint and clearcoat such as dieback and bad crosslinking. Thats why be buy by the barrel and receive reports on each to ensure they are up to the standards that we require.

HR-1360 Fast is a cold climate solvent only, mainly for basecoats where catalysts are not used. It can be used in our 2K Primers, and Colors however, as they are all certified urethane grade solvents. Also great for cleanup- because 50% of the ingredients is acetone. Low VOC, and super cleaning abilities.
Item# Description Qty. Price
HR1360-1 Gallon 1360 Fast Reducer $39.95 ADD TO CART
HR1360-4 Quart 1360 Fast Reducer $12.00 ADD TO CART

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Pat Dry

| 01-25-2019, 23:06

HR series reducers are moisture free and make anything they're used in better. Choose your speed.

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