HR-398 uses 25% IPA and also acts as an anti-static remover making it great for prepping plastic bumpers or any other plastic panels. Another benefit is after taping up a vehicle or in between art work it isn't uncommon to touch the substrate which can introduce contaminants. HR-398 is the go to cleaner to remove any oils from you skin that may have transferred onto surface.

Our HR 300 series cleaners are some of the best on the market. Our high strength HR397 solvent is an excellent choice for the initial cleaning of cured paint surfaces before sanding and for cleaning bare metal. We also have a waterborne version in the HR397 water which is great for cleaning plastics. For final wiping duties we have HR398 which will remove and sweat or other contaminants before applying basecoats and is even safe on fresh basecoats to remove tape tracking.

Item# Description Qty. Price
HR398-1 Gallon 398 Final Wipe $39.95 ADD TO CART
HR398-4 Quart 398 Final Wipe $12.00 ADD TO CART

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| 01-13-2019, 12:29

Love this product. Saves me a lot of money over DX330 ppg and works just as good. And it has a anti static. Never had a issue.


| 01-12-2019, 19:16

398 is very easy to use. I pour a small amount on a new white terry cloth towel, wipe a 4' square panel area and immediately dry with another new white terry cloth towel. Prep is key in not having any contaminants prior to spraying primers, paints or clears. The anti static is a plus plus.


| 01-12-2019, 16:23

Won't spray without it. Don't wonder if it is clean, use 398 and don't worry about it.

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