Item# Description Qty. Price
HC4100-FAST-KIT-1 Kit Includes: 1- Gal Clear & 1 Qt Hardener for Fast Temperatures $119.95 ADD TO CART
HC4100-MED-KIT-1 Kit Includes: 1- Gal Clear & 1 Qt Hardener for Medium Temperatures $119.95 ADD TO CART
HC4100-SLOW-KIT-1 Kit Includes: 1- Gal Clear & 1 Qt Hardener for Slow Temperatures $119.95 ADD TO CART
HC4100-FAST-KIT-4 Kit Includes: 1- Qt Clear & 8oz Hardener for Fast Temperatures $39.95 ADD TO CART
HC4100-MED-KIT-4 Kit Includes: 1- Qt Clear & 8oz Hardener for Medium Temperatures $39.95 ADD TO CART
James Sechrist JR

| 05-10-2019, 18:19

This clear lay's down like glass I love this clear you can not beat it

Steven P 777

| 03-15-2019, 08:27

Aloha from Hawaii where everything is super beautiful but the cons is that It’s super expensive. Here we go, so let’s begin Tamco has to be the best products for its quality , price & customer service hands down this 4100 clear coat is a phenomenal clear it lays smooth, it flows like crazy, it shines like glass, easy to spray, color sanding is a breeze it buffs out like butter guys I'm telling you this a phenomenal all around clear And it’s the best hands down the cost is remarkable guys here in Hawaii dc 4000 which is comparable to Tamco 4100! Is 500$ per gallon yes it’s crazy guys and this 4100 clear blows away dc4000 so if you haven’t tried any of Tamco products I beg you and advise you please give it a shot if you have any questions about any products etc contact TAMMY, guys you think you men know about paints think twice TAMMY ROCKS she knows her products and is very very knowledgeable you won’t regret it cause you will be right back with a smile buying more Aloha and Mahalo Steven P 🤙🤙🤙

Pat Dry

| 01-25-2019, 22:30

Very "abuser friendly" clearcoat option with HC-4100. Excellent gloss and leveling abilities. Great range of speed when using the different speed hardeners. Best Tamco value in a universal type clear.

Bill Fountain

| 01-17-2019, 13:43

Can't say enough good about this clear. Was easy to shoot and could have left uncut and buffed but was learning the whole process. Fantastic result for first time doing base coat clear coat.

James Sechrist

| 01-12-2019, 21:50

Best stuff I've ever use 5 time better than limco lc4100

Bobby Smith

| 01-12-2019, 20:17

First time using this clear Tammy helped me with setting on gun. Excellent shine. Easy to use. Would recommend this clear for backyard painter's. Any questions they gave on clear they can email or we can talk over phone. I used it.on my 65 falcon 2 Dr delivery an my son's 03 Buick century.


| 01-12-2019, 16:31

great clear to match oem paint jobs, can lay it down flat or leave peal to match. nice clear


| 01-12-2019, 16:16

Great product, easily mimics factory textures. user friendly, sprays like other brands expensive clears. Novice or pro, why pay for a "big name" when this is a superior product?


| 01-12-2019, 15:50

I may be a beginner and maybe thats why I hold Tamco as my number 1 choice. The facebook group has taken me from my first step into getting a safe spray space, to helping me grow as a professional. The moment I started spraying 4100 I realized how much it amplified my artwork. The gloss caught my eye right away as the first few times, the next day after spraying I sincerely thought my piece was still wet. The ease of use and omg the customer service is unmatched! I credit everything I know to the help this company has given me; from understanding paint in general, to the proper uses of the product line. Since my first purchased gallon of clear, I have switched over all my paints to Tamco products and never had any regret. Even people around me have noticed my switch to this product.

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