HC-2104 was designed for the collision and custom industry as an ultra high solids clear that provides excellent mil build, gloss retention and D.O.I. At 54% ready to spray solid content this clear takes burying tape lines to a whole new level. Gone are the days of multiple session of clearing and blocking. With just 3 coats you can bury art work and have plenty of material to level tape lines and go straight to final polish. If that wasn't enough it can also be applied over metal due to its direct to metal resins. These resins are the same used in our direct to metal primers and allow you to do art work in metal and clear directly over the top. If you are looking for depth, gloss and all around durability look no further than HC-2104.

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Item# Description Qty. Price
HC2104-FAST-KIT-1 Kit Includes: 1- Gal Clear & 2 Qts Hardener for Fast Temperatures $169.95 ADD TO CART
HC2104-MED-KIT-1 Kit Includes: 1- Gal Clear & 2 Qts Hardener for Medium Temperatures $169.95 ADD TO CART
HC2104-SLOW-KIT-1 Kit Includes: 1- Gal Clear & 2 Qts Hardener for Slow Temperatures $169.95 ADD TO CART
HC2104-FAST-KIT-4 Kit Includes: 1- Qt Clear & 1 Pt Hardener for Fast Temperatures $54.95 ADD TO CART
HC2104-MED-KIT-4 Kit Includes: 1- Qt Clear & 1 Pt Hardener for Medium Temperatures $54.95 ADD TO CART
HC2104-SLOW-KIT-4 Kit Includes: 1- Qt Clear & 1 Pt Hardener for Slow Temperatures $54.95 ADD TO CART
Eric Klenk

| 05-07-2019, 19:19

Top notch used it on my bike. Sprayed easy no problems. I also recommend their mid coat / inter coat 895. Plus Tammy has great product knowledge and easy to talk too. All of their products rock.


| 05-07-2019, 11:18

One of the best clears I've used. Dont be fooled by the price, been using this for a few years now!! Tamco for life.

Corey Beam

| 05-07-2019, 11:18

Best clear on the market hands down. Used most of the big name “high dollar” high solid clears and this is my favorite. Don’t let the price fool you, let the product speak for itself.

Dano (ledom)

| 05-07-2019, 05:40

I started using this clear about 8 months ago. I love it! Sprays great, buffs easily, and that shine! It performs better then any other clear I have sprayed before.


| 02-21-2019, 17:48

This stuff is awesome. Very user friendly. And has good shine! Can't beat the price.


| 01-29-2019, 12:22

We started out doing auto body and now all we do is full builds Tamco is one of the reasons for that because of the cost, 2104 will give you the same results or exceed the results of clears that cost $500 a gallon

Margarito Patino

| 01-27-2019, 23:16

Great clear, lays out effortlessly and leaves an amazing shine. On top of that, I've never used anything that suspends flake like Hc-2104, this is my go to carrier for spraying and burying .015 - .040 flake.


| 01-23-2019, 11:55

Love this clear has a lot of depth to it and cuts and buffs easy!


| 01-16-2019, 23:20

This stuff is awesome, lays out great and flows even better. Very user friendly. Can't beat the price. I would recommend it to anyone!

Billy Tennell

| 01-14-2019, 14:23

a great clear. cant beat the price or look.


| 01-13-2019, 10:30

Nothing beats 2104 euro clear it’s the best I have used in forty years. Awesome product.


| 01-12-2019, 21:08

2104 Is the greatest product on the market!! Perfect for beginners to pros!! The clarity of the clear is simply amazing!! It lays down perfect like glass, once you have everything dialed in to your liking. It cuts and bluffs beautifully!! Not only is it a FAVORITE clear, the price is what you cant beat. Your not gonna find a better guaranteed clear for this price. This is a must have in everyone's shop!


| 01-12-2019, 19:11

I'm still pretty new at painting but I've tried many different clears and struggled with them. I couldn't get them to lay smooth or they just didn't have that beautiful glass finish. I stumbled across Tamcos Facebook and seen all the reviews so I gave it a try. This is the only clear I have used since. Even being pretty new to this industry I'm able to lay this year down beautifully and in the few cases user error has got in the way I've been Abe to fix it easily. It sands and buffs with such ease. I suggest checking out some work that has been done with this clear. You will be amazed!


| 01-12-2019, 18:27

HC-2104 is one of the best high solids clear I've ever used. Very user friendly and lays down super smooth. This clear is better than the big name clears at a much better price. You definitely won't be disappointed.


| 01-12-2019, 16:30

Best clear ive sprayed..blows ppg 2021 out of the water. crystal clear and lays flat


| 01-02-2019, 00:36

2104 acts like it should cost much more than it does. Lays nice once you get the gun dialed in, cuts easily and buffs like butter. Don't let the price fool you this clear is legit. Don't use anything else since working with this.

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