Paints and Binders

Keeping along the lines of our high solids clearcoats we also offer true high solids basecoats. At a 1:1 mixing ratio and true 2 coat coverage, our basecoats are some of the best in the business. Many times, 2 unreduced quarts yielding a gallon of sprayable material is enough to do a full car. We offer basecoats in all OEM colors including antique models that most manufacturers struggle with. If you are looking for single stage colors we do that too. Any solid color can be mixed in our single stage line. One unique characteristic of this line is that we mix these colors in any of our clearcoats. If you want a budget line of single stage you can have it mixed in the HC-1100 line, high solids in the 2104 line or ultra-durable hi impact line also called Duraflint 2. All basecoat sales and custom mixes must be by special order.

Contacts for Basecoats or Single Stage Colors:

Phone: 1-800-678-1533 or 1-757-438-0420 ask for Tammy Miller Email: or

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