The New Custom Color line from Tamco Paint is unique in its ability. We've taken hard to create colors and simplified them. Do you want custom exotic rich colors that mix 1:1 and have 2-3 coat max coverage no matter the color? Do you want custom colors that would normally have to be created in candies or tri stages in an easy to use basecoats? If this is something you've been looking for, the Tamco Custom Color line has you covered. We've achieved rich intense candy like colors in basecoats that aren't expensive like tri stages and are user friendly and easy to spray. We've taken custom and made it simple and cost effective in typical Tamco fashion. This line will have new colors produced periodically so keep looking out for updates! Do you want a color not listed and want it created special? Just ask, we specialize in this unique ability to create from scratch hard to find custom colors.
Item# Description Qty. Price
Ron Burgundy Pearl-1 Gallon Size $540.00 ADD TO CART
Ron Burgundy Pearl-16 Pint Size $80.00 ADD TO CART
Ron Burgundy Pearl-4 Quart Size $135.00 ADD TO CART
Ron Burgundy Pearl-8 8oz Size $40.00 ADD TO CART

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| 05-12-2019, 18:08

Absolute beautiful color! Looks way better in person too.

Tom Rassier

| 05-12-2019, 17:57

It is a shame that you can not show how truly beautiful this color is on the web page photo! If you even remotely like the color you see on the computer screen - you will absolutely LOVE the color in person! This color absolutely blew my mind! The first time I saw it in the sunlight, actually said, out loud, "wow". Then I looked around to see if anyone saw me talking to myself. LOL This color will widen your eyes the first time you see it in the sun! Thank you Tamco for the help in choosing this color and pairing it up with the Ivory Pearl.

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