Want a system for airbrushing unlike anything else on the market? Pure, Clean highly intense toners that are solvent based. These can achieve what no other airbrush paint on the market does now. Literally takes drops to get many jobs done. So smooth, so clean, so Intense.
Item# Description Qty. Price
Intensity-Black Out Black 8 oz- Black Out Black $30.00 ADD TO CART
Intensity-Chalk White 8 oz- Chalk White $30.00 ADD TO CART
Intensity-Make It Rain Gr 8 oz -Make It Rain Green $30.00 ADD TO CART
Intensity-Oh My Orange 8 oz-Oh My Orange $30.00 ADD TO CART
Intensity-Patriot Blue 8 oz- Patriot Blue $30.00 ADD TO CART
Intensity-Red Red Wine 8 oz -Red Red Wine $30.00 ADD TO CART
Intensity-Silver Bling 8 oz-Silver Bling $30.00 ADD TO CART
Intensity-Yellow Sunrise 8 oz-Yellow Sunrise $30.00 ADD TO CART
IntensityKit-8 8 oz of all 8 Intensity Colors Included $225.00 ADD TO CART

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| 05-11-2019, 09:57

Take your airbrushing to the next level. The colors are bright, intense and so easy to spray. Do your customers a favor a switch to Tamco.

Jimmy James

| 01-12-2019, 23:31

Intensity flows so good out of the airbrush! I use a cm .18 tip could never get HOK white to flow so well with all the titanium particulates they use causing spitter and sputtering and cleaning the tip constantly. Tried intensity white and didn't have that problem super awesome products!! I definitely recommend


| 01-12-2019, 21:12

I love this line of paint! When I first tried Intensity I was blown away about how well it performed. It let me thin down the paint as much as I wanted and I never seen pigment come apart in my cup. Also I never had to prematurely stop a pass to pick my tip clean as I never got tip dry. Love at first sight and I haven't looked back to the waterborne paints since I received my Tamco Intensity set...


| 01-12-2019, 19:03

I was very skeptical trying this paint. I had been using water based paints and I was for sure those are the best. I was very wrong. I didn't know how much I was limiting myself. The control I have with intensity is insane. The fine lines I'm able to get is insane. The flow is amazing!! I was not able to achieve the details that I'm able to now by using the intensity paint. If you think the colors are limited and don't like mixing your own colors you can just have them match some of your favorite color mixes. If you're on the fence just jump over and try it. You won't regret it! Besides it being an amazing product the customer service is just as good. Check out their Facebook page and you will understand. Get painting!

Refried Dreamz

| 10-22-2018, 22:36

By far the most superior airbrush paint I’ve ever used. 0 problems in a .21 tip Gorgeous colors and concentration


| 10-18-2018, 13:33

Tamco intensity is hands down the BEST PERFORMING paint for Airbrushing. It gets amazing coverage for a paint mix of 1:1, and for airbrushing i can go as far as 1:2 . it has a consistent flow,wont break down or develop flecking once mixed,very little to no tip dry. it can also be mixed with some 895 intercoat base to make transparent colors or tinting !

Wayne Hiyboom

| 10-17-2018, 10:57

The intensity line is the perfect paint for airbrushers. When I use this Incredible paint in my airbrushes, the flow is unbelievable even the white, unlike the other paint manufacturers there is no sputtering or tip dry, the paints flow is like your using ink. And like the name says, the colors are intense, beautiful strong colors. A must for airbrushers. My favorite.

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