HP6000 Series 2K Urethane Primer Sealers are a high-performance premium quality spot, panel and overall sealer and are designed for fast-drying, and provide excellent gloss holdout and Distinctness Of Image (DOI) in any topcoat system. HP6000 series sealers will provide excellent adhesion to metals, plastics and previously painted surfaces. They also fill minor sand scratches and provide a uniform ground coat prior to applying Basecoat or Single Stage color. HP6000 Series Primer Sealers come in gray, black, and white and can be mixed together to offer gray scale color combinations for assisting with topcoat color hiding. Unlike other 2K sealers on the market, our sealers are made from topcoat direct to metal resins! This gives HP sealers unbeatable flow and leveling. Most sealers actually ADD to orange peel! This sealer will lay out as flat as any topcoat paint, reducing any orange peel while giving both a uniform color and added corrosion protection. We use the same 2 corrosion additives that we add to our direct to metal and direct to rust primers!
May reduce these sealers 5-10% is desired.

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