In the restoration industry it has always been a concern of getting a car into primer as soon as possible after blasting so that it doesn't rust. While that is true HP-5311 has been a game changer. No longer do you have to worry about unseen surface rust coming through a year after a car has been finished. Unlike most primers, HP-5311 actually has rust encapsulating properties. With its ultra high solids content it only takes 3 coats of unreduced primer to lock down rust completely where it will never come back through. Even ff you don't have any rust this primer is still an excellent choice for a good foundation. It is a true DTM primer and doesn't require an epoxy for proper adhesion. HP-5311 is black in color and while it dries fast and hard it is extremely easy to sand.

Tamco HP5311 Black DTM DTR primer.

All the above info about HP5310 applies, except this primer is also direct to rust. It will completely encapsulate and kill rust. We recommend removing what you can, but what you can will be 100% fully taken care of. This product has been tested by us for over 10 years now. Never once has the rust returned. And we left our panel in primer, Untopcoated and in elements for 10 years. (Rain, grass, mud etc) Very unique nothing like it. 3 full unreduced coats of 5311 is recommend. Mil build is your friend with this product.
Item# Description Qty. Price
HP5311G-KIT Kit Includes: 1 Gal Primer & 1 Qt Hardener $125.95 ADD TO CART
HP5311Q-KIT Kit Includes: 1 Qt Primer & 8 oz Hardener $35.00 ADD TO CART

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